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The internet 

 The internet is a safe place for me right now, as I do not exist on the internet like most people. The hollowness of the internet is like a cave where I can wander in and sit for a while. The past posts here are like my cave paintings. Maybe in a thousand years when life is completely digital, my cave will be explored and its paintings will be seen as a great discovery. Past posts about people who used to go out and play music on " real instruments ". I can just imagine the the script streaming out to inquisitive digital entities " There is much evidence that there were actually physical beings.. made of flesh and bone. They were a race of beings that did things like , go out for coffee.., Jam at the bar ... and even get a burger and fries.. "  Im sure the digital historians will assign cause and blame as " Religious rituals " of a primitive culture struggling to find meaning.

 Although I am not struggling , I have been looking for a justification for remaining an active player in all things streaming digitally. I do not twitter.. i do not facebook, I do not have the slightest pintrest in that world. Instead, I have been building things in my wood shop. I have been creating beautiful living space for me and my best friend Joycie. Recently I have refocused some of my creative energy back toward the music side of my muse. Some new titles. Some expansion of old titles. Some re-writes. 

 One of my goals for this year is to record " everything so far "... in case i suddenly check out. I know it's slightly morbid but it is none the less a fact of life creeping up slowly. I know I would love the luxury of simply sitting in Chris's studio and dropping it all down but I don't think I can manage the finances of that. I will probably have to upgrade my recording rig and " get serious " about learning to operate it properly. Cows with wings?

 Not caring how long it might take for someone to read this might be a sign that I and about to crawl into my cave and make more paintings... hold my mind up against the paper and spit a mouth full of words in red ochre or magenta metaphors. Then theres the indigo melody clawing its way to the surface....

 If you ever pass by the entrance to this cave and hear the echo Hello...hello...hello.. hello...


 Please answer back. Or come in and sit by the fire.

Working Musician? 

 Or is it a musician who also works?

 I think the term working musician applies to one who does music only as a means for income. And when you do something as a means for income, isn't that .. uhh.. work? Or is it business? I think no matter what, a person who goes out to perform for pay in public is "working". I hope that clears that up .. for me.
 Ok , so , June will be busy!  I think we have three or four shows in June which is a lot for musicians who also work..  (Please understand, Im not complaining) However , July is pretty much wide open save for a gig at the end of the month. We are talking about heading back into the studio to record our next " Record ".. I don't like the modern term CD.. for some reason. It makes it seem too.. digital.. 

 I have a list of new titles to work on. It is taped to the wall in my workshop. It is an odd looking thing. Just song titles.  One of them is " Don't Tell Rita "..  ( Rita  if you're reading this.. the answer is  yes ) various odd ideas that come to me while working. The titles come with a general " Vibe" or an idea for a chord progression that fits a mood or idea i'm trying to express. Why? Good question.

 Last Saturday's show at Bragi raised that question in my mind privately. Why....  The evening included a smallish , but very attentive crowd. They seemed to be into the slower tunes that evening. Usually our show remains up beat with a few slow tunes thrown in. But that night was different. A conversation between sets with an attendee went to the subject of slower tunes. I tried to explain how much harder those are to perform. Tempo , timing and trying to maintain them, takes more concentration. This reminded me of a lot of slower " moody " pieces I have written but never perform publicly. So the next set started with a few of these. "Don't be sad " " Pretty Please ".. gloomy but effective musical ideas. Two others as well.. but when I got to the fourth one I just decided to speed it up.. Things were getting out of hand. :{) Folks were enjoying the tunes but the mood they project was dragging ME down LOL.

 Anyhow.. recording.. yes, It should be easy enough. I think we will record another batch of our mainstays for one of our typical shows. A bunch of toe tapping songs that cannot be classified as either Blues , Folk or Jazz.

 Next shows are Lake Villa Art in the park followed by an evening show at Three Cellars. That'll be a good day.

Here's to fine weather !


Looking forward 

 We are winding down in 2015.. forgive the cliche. :{)   Anyhow , what can be said , it was a good year for us musically. We did a pretty decent job of " Getting out there " and gained a lot of great experience and met a lot of totally cool and creative people. I personally made quite a few new friends and I can honestly say i'm not the hermit of days past. ( is that good or bad ? ) 

One highlight for us in 2015 was getting some play time on Wisconsin Public Radio's show "Simply Folk" that airs every Sunday evening. Not surprisingly, they chose to play the song "North on 51" -- the title cut from the CD we released. 
With all the live shows we played , consequently , my writing production has dropped way off. However , some new songs  did make it to the set list... I'd have to pause a moment to recollect exactly which ones.. but  there is a list of song titles ( with all musical ideas mentally noted ) on my office wall at the shop ( the place where I now write and record ) and I fer sure will get to them soon enough !
Next on the list of musical stuff to do.. I want to finish some new tunes and polish some oldies from the archives which have never been done live. In addition, I really want to add some enhancement /sound production, to the live show. This is going to require lots of experimenting and rehearsal time , yes ... time  ..a thing that has been in short supply due to my work schedule. I have begun this recently. Im particularly looking forward to implementing the " Looper Pedal " I picked up last summer ( Have yet to take it out of the box )

 As for recording.. boy oh boy.. there is so much I need to record. This is probably my number one bucket list item. I might try to record and self produce some of this due to " Budgetary Constraints ". The live CD we put out was a charm. It has made it easier to book gigs and from the feedback we have gotten so far it is an entertaining listen. One thing is sure , the next CD will be a studio effort . we will take more time with production and mixing.

 We are booking new shows now after a break and have a few new ones posted at this writing. 

 Well... its Monday night.. Joycie's on the way home with pizza.. Monday night is usually pizza and movie night. I hope for good things for all in the New Year !

 Talk again soon... Bill