I really enjoyed your performance at Vino Mundo last evening. I am also enjoying your CD this morning. Helps me groove through the housework! …..
Just wanted to tell you that your cd we bought a few months back has been my favorite traveling music back and forth to work!  You guys are awesome!  You won't want me to come see you guys anymore though - I know all the words to the songs!!

Can't say how many thoughtful drives home this music has kept me company.... Thank you Bill Liggett and Larry Sell.


​​​​​​​“The live music for my party from Bill Liggett and his band was more than wonderful. The musicians all have such talent and bring it all together so well. I already knew that. What I loved was the pleasure they brought to my friends and family on that special day. My heart was so full. And the beauty of their music!” Sandra Prez