New Show

Happy Fathers Day !

  We are happy to have this new short notice billing back at Bragi Coffee House and Wine Bar in Williams Bay wi. Larry and I have spent so much time here since late last winter to now. We have met so many great people and made some good friends. For a little sleepy town like Williams Bay there is an incredibly diverse population of Artists and a very strong intrest in preserving the Arts by those who have taken on that charge. The Owner of Bragi is Sandy Johnson who is herself and incredibly talented Operatic Vocalist , Pianist and Music teacher. I sometimes feel funny performing in front of her because I know that she could pick out the slightest rough spot... 

  Lately Larry and I have been on a sort of scouting tour. We are hitting open stages and knocking on doors , shaking hands with people we meet. Details are being sorted out for some great new shows at Venues in the N/W suburbs of Illinois and S/E Wisconsin area. The more careful we are to not overbook it seems , the more people ask us to book at their venues ! So , im thinking that's a good thing... if we can manage the juggling act of real life and music.


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