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New Shows / New music 

The past few years have been very busy. We have a few new shows coming up at the new Black Lung Brewery in Fox Lake il. We have added a few new songs to the set lists.

We also have plans for a new live CD and some video footage of past performances.

We hope to see you friday night ( 27 July ) at Taste of Wisconsin . We are headlining the acoustic stage and will be on from 8:30 to 10 pm.

Then Saturday the 28th is the Williams Bay Art and Music Fest in downtown Williams Bay Wisconsin on the Bay!


See you soon !

New shows 

Hello !

 Absolutely wonderful show last night at Vina Mundi in Genesee Depot Wi. We sat out on the deck totally unplugged in the warm summer air !! It was so nice to have such a great listening audience ! 

 Just a nudge to let you know about our new show dates. We are targeting new areas all the time and hopefully we will got close enough to your neck of the woods to make it easier for you to attend a live show ! Hope to see you tonight at The Coffee House at Chestnut and Pine  in Burlington WI.

 Bill and the gang

New Show 

Happy Fathers Day !

  We are happy to have this new short notice billing back at Bragi Coffee House and Wine Bar in Williams Bay wi. Larry and I have spent so much time here since late last winter to now. We have met so many great people and made some good friends. For a little sleepy town like Williams Bay there is an incredibly diverse population of Artists and a very strong intrest in preserving the Arts by those who have taken on that charge. The Owner of Bragi is Sandy Johnson who is herself and incredibly talented Operatic Vocalist , Pianist and Music teacher. I sometimes feel funny performing in front of her because I know that she could pick out the slightest rough spot... 

  Lately Larry and I have been on a sort of scouting tour. We are hitting open stages and knocking on doors , shaking hands with people we meet. Details are being sorted out for some great new shows at Venues in the N/W suburbs of Illinois and S/E Wisconsin area. The more careful we are to not overbook it seems , the more people ask us to book at their venues ! So , im thinking that's a good thing... if we can manage the juggling act of real life and music.


Saturday at Vina Mundi 

18 Oct
Great show with Larry on Saturday at Vina Mundi in Gensee Depot Wi. What a great crowd !! They were having their Chili contest and we got to sample some dangerously awesome chili...  And as always , we were crowd pleasers ! Had so much fun !!  Next Show there will be on the 30th... thats right.. Wed night. That place is beautiful. Newly renovated historical building in a little town that is right out of a storybook of little paradise america.