The internet

 The internet is a safe place for me right now, as I do not exist on the internet like most people. The hollowness of the internet is like a cave where I can wander in and sit for a while. The past posts here are like my cave paintings. Maybe in a thousand years when life is completely digital, my cave will be explored and its paintings will be seen as a great discovery. Past posts about people who used to go out and play music on " real instruments ". I can just imagine the the script streaming out to inquisitive digital entities " There is much evidence that there were actually physical beings.. made of flesh and bone. They were a race of beings that did things like , go out for coffee.., Jam at the bar ... and even get a burger and fries.. "  Im sure the digital historians will assign cause and blame as " Religious rituals " of a primitive culture struggling to find meaning.

 Although I am not struggling , I have been looking for a justification for remaining an active player in all things streaming digitally. I do not twitter.. i do not facebook, I do not have the slightest pintrest in that world. Instead, I have been building things in my wood shop. I have been creating beautiful living space for me and my best friend Joycie. Recently I have refocused some of my creative energy back toward the music side of my muse. Some new titles. Some expansion of old titles. Some re-writes. 

 One of my goals for this year is to record " everything so far "... in case i suddenly check out. I know it's slightly morbid but it is none the less a fact of life creeping up slowly. I know I would love the luxury of simply sitting in Chris's studio and dropping it all down but I don't think I can manage the finances of that. I will probably have to upgrade my recording rig and " get serious " about learning to operate it properly. Cows with wings?

 Not caring how long it might take for someone to read this might be a sign that I and about to crawl into my cave and make more paintings... hold my mind up against the paper and spit a mouth full of words in red ochre or magenta metaphors. Then theres the indigo melody clawing its way to the surface....

 If you ever pass by the entrance to this cave and hear the echo Hello...hello...hello.. hello...


 Please answer back. Or come in and sit by the fire.

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