Happy New Year !

Happy New year!

I hope you all had a swell holiday and are settling back into normal life. Im writing this in the wee hours of a Saturday that promises a snowstorm and an excuse to kick back, do some writing and practicing. I hope to finish up some ongoing writing projects.. Snot Rocket , Don't leave me all alone, Reasons revisited, along with music that has yet to be titled.

We got the band together for a show at Family Piano. It was a great time and we even got some video! Big thanks to Jan Ledgerwood !! We had'nt ALL played together fo a while. Me, Larry, Rick Ledgerwood and Mike Hasty. It was surprisingly effortless. So... we have some video and a lot of nice photos too. AND... we are still contemplating a band name. Some say you aren't really a band until you've changed your name at least 3 times.

On a personal note, I have built myself a " Bill Liggett Musician / Band " Facebook page. My goal there is to finish recording the back catalog and start putting out solo CD's . I intend to do a considerable amount of promotion because...why not?

I have also started putting out some " Solo Videos " on my personal FB page and now on my musician FB page. I hope to do this regularly. Most of the songs I write have a nice message and are probably good to calm the raging sea that is FB. I started doing this because, reluctantly I use FB as a diversion at the very beginning and end of my day. I had been inwardly complaining about some of the negative messages and politics I see and just thought that instead of complaining, why not forward my message in response to it.

Along with the writing, I haver a batch of covers i'm working on. Big Hard Sun ( the Eddie Vedder version ), Help me Make it through the night ( Chris Cristofferson ), A Blues version of " What condition my condition was in "  LOL  ( From the Big Lebowski ). Lets see.. there is a version of " Scarlett Town " ( Gillian Welch tune ), Cool Water ( Joni Mitchell version of an old cowboy song )...and a few others I can think of right now. 

We  ( Me and the band ) are booking shows.. looks like we have another appearance at Taste Of Wisconsin, a nice show coming up at a wonderful little venue in Waukegan called " Win Win ". Joyce and I stopped in to meet and talk and had dinner there. Food was amazing. There is also another local place " Fanellas " that has quite a few opening for us on Friday nights. 

Well, it's 6:15 Saturday morning and i'm waiting for the snow to start. What better time to start on all of the above?


Thanks for listening, watching, reading and just being there!



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